Fortune Star Buffet & Grill in Natrona Heights

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This fortune star buffet is just open or how long it will be there since when?

Thank you so much.we will try to come there.and it's closer from our location

What are the dinner buffet prices for Thursday

11.95 plus drink

do you have crab legs

They do for dinner. Not at lunch

Do they accept credit cards?

Yes they accept CC

Do they have bubble tea?


I'm looking to have a small party for my daughter about 25 people at most i wanted ti know if there is a charge for a group that big or do i just pay per person and could you include prices in your answer

I don't recommend going there for a party. We used to be regular guests there at the location by century 3 mall and their service and management is going down hill fast. My husband and I took a challenged person out for lunch and the management was very rude.

What time is dinner

4 o'clock most days, may be 3 o'clock on Sundays

Do they offer crablegs

No, they no longer offer crab legs sadly.

What are the prices on beverages?

Ask, by calling. Not too high, I believe. The do refill drinks too.

What's the price per person

It ranges from about $8.95 to 12.95 or $14.95 depends on if you're having lunch or dinner...during the week or weekend.

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